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AC Cruz Azul

Los Cementeros - ACCA Standings

AC Cruz Azul, Sacramento, CA


Los Jarritos Mexican Restaurant



2019 Peri Clark Cup


AC Cruz Azul, Sacramento, CA


Schedule & Results

 01/27 Sun  1pm  Hacienda FC     1-2  AC Cruz Azul    CapChristianHS
02/10 Sun 11am AC Cruz Azul 4-3 La Academia FC CapChristianHS
02/17 Sun 11am Dep Lincoln 2-1 AC Cruz Azul CapChristianHS
02/24 Bye AC Cruz Azul BYE
03/03 Sun 9am DOXA NorCal 2-5 AC Cruz Azul CapChristianHS
03/10 Sun 3pm AC Cruz Azul El Carmen CapChristianHS
03/17 Sun 9am Aguias PSC AC Cruz Azul CapChristianHS
03/24 Sun 5pm AC Cruz Azul Barracudas Southside
03/31 Sun 3pm Cueramaro FC AC Cruz Azul Southside
04/07 Sun 11am AC Cruz Azul EG Everton Southside
04/14 Sun 11am R Santa Rosa AC Cruz Azul Southside


2018 Otto Massara Cup 



 09/16  Sun   1pm   AC Cruz Azul    6-0  EG Everton     Southside
 09/23  Sun   3pm   Dep Lincoln     0-0 AC Cruz Azul    Southside
 10/07  Sun   1pm   DOXA NorCal     2-2  AC Cruz Azul   Southside
 10/14  Sun  11am   AC Cruz Azul    1-4  San Jose FC    Southside
 10/21  Sun   9am   Primero Mayo    1-3  AC Cruz Azul   Southside
 10/26  Sun   9am   AC Cruz Azul    1-1  FC Hispano     Southside  
10/28 Sun 7pm AC Cruz Azul 1-2 El Carmen Southside 11/04 Sun 5pm Aguias PSC 5-1 AC Cruz Azul Southside 12/02 Sun 1pm R Santa Rosa 1-0 AC Cruz Azul Cap. Christian
12/09 Sun 11am AC Cruz Azul 7-0 Barracudas Cap. Christian
12/16 Sun 3pm Cueramaro FC 0-2 AC Cruz Azul Cap. Christian


2017 AC Cruz Azul


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The CCSL maintains the official standings. All efforts are made to reflect accurate information, these are UNOFFICIAL standings.


Field Location:  Southside (O'Neil) 



 Sangre Azul - ACCA Sponsors & Friends


The Corona Beach

Los Jarritos Mexican Restaurant

Los Jarritos Mexican Restaurant / Open Daily
2509 Broadaway, Sacramento, Ca


455-7911 voice, (916) 455-7922 fax

Zocalo Restaurant

Zocalo - Midtown - 1801 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone: (916) 441-0303, http://www. zocalosacramento.com
Zocalo - Roseville - 1182 Roseville Pkwy., Roseville, CA 95678
Phone: (916) 788-0303, http://www.zocalosacramento.com

Eddie Cuevas Bail Bonds

24 Hrs A Day - Nationwide - (916) 446-2297
809 8th St.
Sacramento, Ca 95814


Ernesto's Mexican Food, 1901 16th St., Sacramento, Ca 95814

Vallejo's Mexican Restaurant, 1331 O St., Sacramento, Ca 95814

Mr. Tom Moore, Dedicated Fan and Supporter






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